Stunning Wedding Dress Cake

January 19, 2012

This stunning wedding dress cake is truly food as art.  It is so intricately decorated that it almost appears wearable.  The bodice is designed simply with a few details while the skirt is covered in swirls, ridges, and calla lilies.  This wedding dress cake almost looks good enough to wear. 

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gorgeous, stunning & a lot of other adjectives that don't do it justice-but it would have been nice for your readers & the pastry artist behind this dress if you'd actually given their name & a link to their website, if the artist has one-blind posting of art is really selling everyone - the artist, your readers & yourself - seriously short

CAROL HARPER's picture

I have watched "Cake Boss" and marveled at his creations - this tops anything I have ever seen on his show. Why is the creators name so confidential and where it is actually displayed.
Hope you can share as we all want to recognize such talent.

Shintill's picture

I do not know who designed and created the cake. However, while this may come as a shock; It is my understanding that the cake Originated from a small jewelers called Leitzel's Jewelry. they are off of Rt 422 in Myerstown Pennsylvania

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Yes this image is on the jewelry site but it's link just takes you back the the foodesta posting

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Of all the wedding cakes I've seen, this one is certainly the bomb!

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dulcemente maravillosoooooooooo

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dulcemente maravilloso

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How much is this cake!!!!!!

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Nice post. Thank you for sharing the post with us.