Stunning Wedding Dress Cake

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January 19, 2012

This stunning wedding dress cake is truly food as art.  It is so intricately decorated that it almost appears wearable.  The bodice is designed simply with a few details while the skirt is covered in swirls, ridges, and calla lilies.  This wedding dress cake almost looks good enough to wear. 

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Cake Appreciation Society's picture

Cake Appreciation Society is liking this! We'd love to know who made this cake?

laura's picture

This cake is fabulous, however, a bit unrealistic. It is a show stopper for business purposes for certain, but really, who would have this at an actual wedding? Well unless you have a "groom cake" also!!

cassie's picture

I agree that it would be unrealistic for a wedding, but it is great for a bridal shower don't you think?

Tanya Pollard's picture

Do you have the instructions for this cake? I would love to have them

Liz Coopersmith's picture

I can see this at one of those million dollar platinum weddings with 400 guests. Or a smaller table version for a smaller wedding. This is seriously the coolest thing I've seen this year.

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Sheri Wetherell's picture

Unfortunately we have not been able to locate the creator, but we are searching! We are sourcing the photographer who posted the image.

ilahb's picture

You posted that you have found the creater as of January 2012. Today is July 1 and I just saw the pic for the firs time of this incredible cake dress... have you learned the identity of the creator? a website? anything?
thanks so much...

CLAIRE's picture

Absolutely phenomenal!

nikki's picture

oh my gosh i have made a few wedding cakes in my time but this.....just put them all to shame absolutely breath taking x x