Stunning Wedding Dress Cake

January 19, 2012

This stunning wedding dress cake is truly food as art.  It is so intricately decorated that it almost appears wearable.  The bodice is designed simply with a few details while the skirt is covered in swirls, ridges, and calla lilies.  This wedding dress cake almost looks good enough to wear. 

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Scarlett Weddings Photography's picture

How amazing! I saw this pic a few times and it never crossed my mind it was a cake!

terry's picture

OMG, let me pick my jaw up off the floor~jaw dropping spectacular!!!

Ashley - Embracing Beauty's picture

Absolutely stunning!

Kris's picture

I would really like to know how the cake was moved/transported to the venue. It would be great for a bridal expo display.

Debbi's picture

It's a bit much.

jennifer's picture

Seriously??? That's your comment? Get a life!

Miriam's picture

She is entitled to her opinion. I happen to agree with her and to think you rude.

Shona's picture

The girl's entitled to her opinion. I happen to agree with her and think you're stupid

budgie's picture

this is outta this world, totally fab..........

LissyM's picture

That is simply stunning!!! I've never seen cake looking so amazing before!! Is it really wrong of me that I also want to wear it? Lol.