Stunning Wedding Dress Cake

January 19, 2012

This stunning wedding dress cake is truly food as art.  It is so intricately decorated that it almost appears wearable.  The bodice is designed simply with a few details while the skirt is covered in swirls, ridges, and calla lilies.  This wedding dress cake almost looks good enough to wear. 

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Sherry Trautman's picture

This is absolutely stunning, I am in awe. Amazing work, keep up the creativity!

Jay's picture

Wow that's amazing! Love seeing creativity and originality like this. Awesome.

Alison's picture

Oh my goodness this is amazing!!!

LMX Creative's picture

That's brilliant! Do you have any other details, like who made it, who it was made for, or anything else?

Arlene Munroe's picture

Ridiculously fantastic. Beautiful work of art.

Ann from Sumptuous Spoonfuls's picture

Oh wherever did you find this? I would love to know who made it. It's spectacular!

Purposeful Events 's picture

This is gorgeous, do you have information on the Baker? Please provide. Thanks

vanessa 's picture

that is so amazing , you are so talented , i cant even guess at the price !

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olive hall 's picture

wow this cake is fab