Latkes and Goose

December 26, 2007

Facsimile of Barnaby's Goose'

Tis the day after Christmas and I've been eating constantly! We've been spreading ourselves around among family and friends with a number of interesting culinary events. On Christmas Eve Eve (aka last Sunday), we had a cocktail party with Potato Pancakes (Latkes), a variety of smoked fish, caviar and some really nice champagne. Being only half-Jewish, potato pancakes are only a cultural & culinary tradition for me. In fact, it's more tied to Christmas than Hanukkah because I learned to make them from my Jewish grandfather who celebrated Christmas. For a nice post and recipe for Latkes, visit The Blog that Ate Manhattan. On the actual Eve of Christmas, we prepared a goose, which is pretty rare among American households nowadays, but a food I love. We ordered it in advance from Draeger's in San Mateo, but they called the morning it was supposed to arrive and informed us that "it wasn't on the truck," with a suggestion that we have "Christmas Duck"...Sheri said "what the Dickens!!" and I set about finding a goose elsewhere. We got lucky and Whole Foods had a beautiful one from the Amish country. Had I been even more organized, I would have ordered from in advance.  I meant to take pictures, write down my recipes and be a good blogger, but wound up too engrossed in the actual cooking, drinking and stuffing of face to do any of that. Luckily, Wendy Cooper, of the Cooking Blog, did a great post on Christmas Goose.

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Actually, my words were far more choice than "What the Dickens" when I received the message about our missing goose! But it ended well. Quite well!