5 Gourmet Gluten Free Salads

August 17, 2011

When it's hot outside, sometimes there's nothing better for a light lunch or quick dinner than a gourmet summer salad. With fresh fruit and simple dressings, these elegant salads are both easy and delicious, great for entertaining or just lunch for one. 

Avocado Tomato Salad
With champagne vinegar, tarragon and onions. GFCF & vegan.

Whole Grain Rice, Baby Spinach and Cherry Salad with Walnuts
With fresh cherries, goat cheese, basil and a simple vinaigrette. Try substituting wild rice for brown -- and easily vegan.

Fresh Summer Salad
With grilled zucchini, sliced apples and fresh beets, Manchego cheese and a Dijon-Herb dressing - yum! 

Heirloom Tomato & Peach Salad
Tossed with minced mint leaves and balsamic vinegar for a quick and easy GFCF/vegan salad!

Spicy Peaches with Mache, Bleu Cheese and Pecans
Faux-pickled peaches with Thai chile make this an unbeatable salad.

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Curt's picture

These all look great, but I'd have to try the tomatoes and peaches first.