Savory Gluten Free Cranberry Appetizers - Cranberry Craze Pt 5

November 21, 2011

While cranberries are known for their essential role in the epic production that is Thanksgiving Dinner, they deserve so much more than to be relegated to condiment-hood -- no matter how delicious the cranberry sauce may be. Instead of creating a variety of sweet treats, why not try something a little different? Something savory and sensational -- like these 3 savory-sweet cranbery starters / snacks -- all gluten free, of course!

Spicy Cranberry Jam / Relish
(Seen above.) Perfect for a cheese plate (or baked brie!) this amazingly sweet-tart-spicy jam is simply sensational. Milk/dairy free.

Rosemary Cranberry Spread
I'm not sure anything could be easier: mix cranberries, rosemary and cream cheese to create a delicious savory-sweet spread for crackers and sandwiches.

Herbed Turkey Meatballs with Cranberry BBQ Sauce
Want your Thanksgiving guests to come over for more than just the big game? Serve up a platter of these little guys and you'll never get rid of them! Be sure to use certified gluten free oats (or GF bread crumbs) for the meatballs. Milk/dairy free.


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