April 24, 2008

We're building some great tools for Food Bloggers and will be looking for people to help us test when we launch the private beta.

In the meantime, we'll be in touch from time to time with new blog posts and company announcements.


The Foodista Kitchen Crew



dreama's picture

I ALWAYS look forward to viewing the Foodista blog each day when I turn on the computer...keep up the good work.

Dolores Dolan's picture

Oh my gosh everything looks wonderful! I second Dreama...keep up the good work!!!

The curry chicken is the next one I'll try.

Love, D.

Chris's picture

A day without like a day without coffee...and I love my coffee!

Andrew's picture

yum! tell us more about your hunger-fueled travel adventures

Ella's picture

Looks so delightful. Can't wait for the whole enchilada!

kym's picture

Foodista -- my new cookbook!

Rosebud's picture

You brighten my day with your wonderful humor and the lovely articles.

Arnie Tucker's picture

I love your new sight!

I've been telling all my friends about it.

I really enjoyed meeting with you Friday and look forward working with you!

ann's picture

Brillliant blog! The balsamic roasted vegetables go on tonight's menu. I'm salivating, and I don't even need a houseboy!

Chef Bear Italia's picture

Hey I'm liking what I see. recently returned fron an internship in Sorrento, and the Lemoncello is just FINE stuff, will keep ya sunny during the darkest times I gotta tell ya!! Caio, Chef Bear Italia