Amanda Seyfried Talks Failed Attempt at Veganism

September 2, 2013

Amanda Seyfried may not be a big meat eater, but the world of veganism is certainly not for her. The actress admits that she simply cannot give up her love for cheese.

"Normally, I'm a super healthy eater. I'm what they call a pescetarian, but I've tried veganism before," she said. "Anne Hathaway gave me a vegan sandwich on the set of Les Miserables once but my body didn't take to it. I like vegetables, but I love cheese. I have a great relationship with cheese!" 

Seyfried also says she isn't a big dieter but couldn't resist loading up on protein and doing extra exercises before this year's Met Ball.

"I don't diet but for this year's Met Ball I wanted to look lean and toned, so did strength training and three days before, I loaded up on protein."

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