Technique: Cutting


Cutting is an essential skill for cooks. The goal of cutting is to produce uniformly shaped and sized food pieces to ensure even cooking and enhance the appearance of the product.

Different parts of the knife blade is used to produce different cutting results. The thin tip of the knife is used for fine cutting and the heel of the knife is used for heavier chopping duties.


Other names: Cut
Translations: Griešana, Pjaustymo, Tăiere, Rezanje, Cắt, Cięcie, Snijden, काटना, Corte, Резка, Κοπή, قطع, 절단, Řezání, Pemotongan, Pagputol, 切割, Cort, Rezanje, Rezanie, Taglio, גזירה, Styckning, Сечење, 切削, Coupe, Schneiden, Skæring, Corte, Різка, Leikkaus, Рязане



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