Technique: Finishing


Adding a flavoring agent just before serving. This is common with some oils, salts, herbs, spices and sauces. If finishing elements are added too early their flavors and texture become muted and subdued. A classic example of finishing is to add a bit of fruity extra virgin olive oil to a pasta sauce just before serving. The heat releases the flavors making them bright and allows the diner to smell the aromas.


Translations: Apdares, Apdailinimas, Finisare, Dorada, Hoàn thiện, Wykańczania, Afwerking, परिष्करण, Acabamento, Отделка, Φινίρισμα, التشطيب, 마감, Dokončovací, Pagtatapos, 精加工, Acabat, Zaključna, Dokončovacie, Finitura, גימור, Slutgiltiga, Дорада, 仕上げ, Finition, Veredelung, Etterbehandling, Acabado, Оздоблення, Viimeistely, Довършителни



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