Technique: Breading


Breading is used to create a crisp crust on fried or baked foods. This is done by coating the food with a crumb-like mixture, usually of bread crumbs, flour or cornmeal, before cooking. Often, the food is dredged in beaten egg before breading to help the crumbs adhere.

Other ingredients that can be used for a coating include:

-nuts and seeds
-shredded coconut
-shredded potato
-grated cheese
-ground spices
-chopped herbs


Other names: Breaded, Bread
Translations: Mīklu, Panierka, Paneren, Панировочные, Αρτοποιίας, بريدينج, Chov, 选育, Empanar, Plemenski, Chov, Impanatura, גידול חיות, Bageriprodukter, Бреадинг, パン粉づけ, Panure, Panieren, Paneringsprodukter, Empanar, Панірувальні, Leivittäminen, Животновъдството



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