756-Pound Woman Susanne Eman Gets Engaged to Chef

March 21, 2012

Susanne Eman currently weighs 756 pounds, and the mother of two has enlisted an expert ally in her quest to become the heaviest woman in the world: her fiance Parker Clack, who is a chef. The image above, which was captured by Laurentiu Garofeanu for Barcroft, depicts Eman eating some of the 22,000 calories she consumes daily.

"We are a match made in heaven," Susanne Eman told the Daily Mail. "I love eating and Parker loves cooking. It's a perfect pairing. I still want to be the fattest woman in the world and Parker is fine with that. He loves larger women and sees how happy I am when I'm eating."

What do you think of this unusual romance?



Abby's picture

It's really disturbing....!

Wendy's picture

I think it's sad that she is justifying her problem by using this "goal" as an excuse to eat the way she does. Perhaps it's easier, because she can actually make this one...and I think his enabling her problem is his own challenge, he is feeling needed and appreciated, he might not think he can get in any other way. Ultimately all he is doing is killing her, and she is allowing it. Lessons that I hope they will learn before it's too late. Either way, they are setting very poor examples for the children.

CatSlave's picture

I'm thinking of all the starving children in Africa.

leemz's picture

Is this a disease?

Lauren's picture

This is DISGUSTING! So wrong and just plain sad! Who makes it their goal to be the fattest person in the world?? She's activly killing herself and her "loving" fiance is assisting!

Jennifer's picture

Ok,sure,she is happy to become the fattest woman. Then what happens? At some point she decides that her health is in danger, wants a stomach bypass, can't afford it so she ends up getting surgery and doctor help for free because we're supposed to feel bad for her. Then she'll have her own documentary on TLC or Discovery. Yeah, sure, whatever... She won't get any sympathies from me!

Samantha's picture

I feel ill - there is a mental problem with the pair of them. Someone should intervene - quickly!

Leona's picture

Life insurance companies do not pay out for suicide. If a person is morbidly obese and eats themselves to death does the insurance comany have to pay?

Poppy's picture

She must not want to be around for her children, not a very good example. They have an unhealthy dependence for each other. Sad

Kim Ludeman's picture

I think it is a tragedy for her children. I don't think it's right to judge her as a person, but I do think her actions are neglegent. Poor kids.