Technique: Slicing


A cutting technique used produce thin pieces of food. Commonly done with a sharp knife or a mandolin cutter.

To slice, angle the tip of the knife down toward the cutting board and place the food underneath the knife tip. Move the knife down and forward to slice through the food. Finish the cut with the heel of the knife flat against the cutting board. To continue with the second slicing stroke, raise the heel of the knife and pull the knife back, placing the food again toward the tip of the knife.


Other names: Sliced, Slice
Translations: Sagriešana, Pjaustyklės, Feliere, Sječenje, Sự thái từng miếng mỏng, Cięcie, Snijden, टुकड़ा करने की क्रिया, Fatias, Τεμαχισμός, تشريح, 칼자국, Krájení, Mengiris, Likyad, 切片, Tallar, Rezanje, Krájanie, Affettatrici, פלוח, Skivning, Сечење, スライス, Découpage, Udskæring, Kutting, Cortar, Viipalointi, Нарязване



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