Chile Pepper


Peppers ranging from mild to very spicy; milder chiles are used in cooking as a vegetable, while the hotter varieties are used as spices. Chile's can be used in fresh or dried form; dried chiles are often ground into a powder. Though these peppers are native to Central and South America and thus popular in the cuisines of those regions, they have also become common in the cooking many Asian and African cultures.


Other names: Chilli Pepper, Chilli, Chili, Chile, Chillie
Translations: Čīle Pepper, Πιπεριών της Χιλής, شيلي بيبر, Перець чилі, Chili Pepper, チリのコショウ, Čile Pepper, Чиле Паприка, Pepe del Cile, צ 'ילה פפר, Перец чили, Peper van Chili, 칠레 고추, चिली पेप्पर, La pimienta de Chile, Pimenta do Chile, 智利胡椒, Chilipeber, Chili Pepper, El pebre de Xile, Чили Пепър



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