The Last Meals Project Documents Prisoners' Final Eats

July 28, 2011

The Last Meals Project by Jonathon Kambouris is a photo project that captures death row prisoners next to their final meal. For example, Ted Bundy, who was executed in 1989, ate steak, eggs, hash browns and coffee as his last meal. Timothy McVeigh opted to eat two pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream before his execution.

The Last Meals Project also features slides of facts on the execution process, such as the logistics of how last meals are served and their maximum cost ($40). See more from the project here.

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The cost limit of the last meal---along with other details---actually depends on which state you're executed in. Every state has different rules. Some allow a lavish meal while others have very strict standards.---Ty Treadwell, author of Last Suppers: Famous Final Meals from Death Row