Please the Eye and Tempt the Palate: Squash with Feta and Mint

June 22, 2012

It’s the season for indulgence at the farmer’s market. Every stall seems to be packed with something I simply must take home! ‘KISS Cooking - Keep it seasonal and simple’™ -is so easy this time of year.

This week, little round squash in a bright yellow caught my eye. As I was picking them out - choosing ones that were a bit larger than a golf ball - it occurred to me that they would be perfect to stuff.

The squash are instantly appealing to the eye due to their cheerful color and diminutive size. Once prepared using this super simple recipe and served with a little extra garnish on a plain white serving plate with my favorite sugar tongs they are impossible to resist.

If you happen to have a set of sugar tongs that you never use, because how many people use lump sugar these days - reconsider using them as serving tongs. Their size and shape, especially the ones with claw ends like the pair in the photo, make them perfect for getting a secure grips on all sorts of food. Squash, tomatoes, olives, stuffed grape leaves, taquitos, we use them for safely serving just about everything. So much nicer to get your food to the plate without it having rolled off the serving spoon or squirted away from the fork.

Squash with Feta and Mint

12 small squash (any variety is fine)
3 tbsp. Feta cheese (parmesan makes a good substitute if you prefer)
3 tbsp. Breadcrumbs or panko
1 very small tomato
6 mint leaves
Olive oil

Preheat oven to 350℉. Pour a little olive oil in the bottom of a baking dish, making sure to coat the entire surface.

Wash the squash and then cut off the stem and blossom ends. Using a teaspoon carefully scoop out the inside to make a little cavity. Don’t dig out all the way to the bottom, the cavity needs to have a floor. Place the scooped out portion in a bowl.

Finely chop the tomato and scooped squash then return to bowl. Add feta, breadcrumbs, and mint. Mix thoroughly. Stuff each squash with the feta and mint mixture. Place the squash in the prepared baking dish and cook for 25 minutes or until tender.

Note: You will have some extra stuffing. I like to put it in a ramekin and bake it along with the rest. It makes a great lunch the next day.

Serve and enjoy.



Shelley's picture

What an exceptionally easy recipe for these tiny squash! My mouth is watering for this! Fabulous!

Glad to see you here again! Just love your presentation! Feel as though I can place my hand through the screen to pick up the silver tongs and grab one of them!

Nancy Stuckwisch's picture

Thanks Shelley, I hope the photo tempts your eye enough for you to try the recipe. :-)

Mildred's picture

Where do you get these little round squash?

Nancy Stuckwisch's picture

Hi Mildred - those partial squash came from the farmer's market near me, but as squash are in season at the moment, I'm sure your local supermarket would have some. Many variety of squash will work, either the long or round ones. Just make sure to look through and find small ones! Those always taste the best.


Susie's picture

Oh how I love squash and feta cheese! Looks like a very tasty recipe! Thanks!

Nancy Stuckwisch's picture

Thank you Susie! I hope you enjoy the recipe.