Restaurant Replaces Hand Soap With Hair Conditioner

September 12, 2011

The owner of the Charnwood Tai Ping Asian restaurant, in Australia, has been fined $10,000 for multiple heath code violations. One of the more interesting violations, was that the hand soap was replaced with hair conditioner. 

Other issues like filthy walls, floor and equipment in the food prep and storage areas - so dirty that health officials described it as: 

Unclean with a large amount of visible food particles, grease and oil-soaked cardboard. Food was stored uncovered in bowls on dirty shelves and left in trays, on flour containers.

The owner will more than likely never pay a cent, as she left the country for China, with no apparent plans for returning. 

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Warren Bobrow's picture

Sounds like a restaurant I discovered in Boonton, NJ. China Inn. Not only were all the tables sticky, they were covered in ants!

Upon closer investigation, there were dead flies in all the windows and the remnants of dessicated rodents in the bathroom which was just disgusting.
I suppose there are no health regulations in Boonton, NJ.