The Best Gluten-Free Pizza Recipes

December 4, 2019

If you or a family member have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, it can be challenging to find recipes that are both delicious and easy to make. Besides, nothing can truly replace all those tasty carb-filled treats, right? 

Well, think again. Due to the number of people with gluten intolerance, gluten-free options are becoming better and simpler. So, if you thought you'd never be able to eat pizza again, don't fret. These delicious gluten-free pizza recipes are here to save the day!

1. Red Lentil Flatbread by Moon Spoon and Yum

This yummy flatbread is ridiculously easy to make and is an excellent source of protein, fiber, potassium, calcium, and zinc! With a neutral yet delicious, flavor, this crust recipe is a great foundation for pizza, crackers, tortillas or even chips. And, the best part is, this recipe calls for just six ingredients, most of which are already hiding in your kitchen cupboard. Recipe here.

Red Lentil Flatbread

2. Pizza Stick Dunkers by The Gluten Free Gathering

Sometimes the best meals are the simplest ones. Those leftover gluten-free hot dog buns aren't just good for hot dogs — they also make delicious little pizza sticks. Cut them in half, brush them with a bit of olive oil and seasoning and cover them in your preferred toppings. Just don't forget the marinara or ranch for dipping. Recipe here.

Pizza Stick Dunkers

3. Thin-Crust Pizza by A Saucy Kitchen

You can make this pizza in under 30 minutes, and it only requires six ingredients — no yeast or rising time needed! Chickpea and tapioca flour are the only two ingredients you might need to dash to the store for. When making the dough, don't be alarmed if it feels a little dry or hard. This texture is normal when baking with these types of flours. Recipe here.

gluten free thin crust pizza

4. Easy Low-Carb Cauliflower Crust by Wholesome Yum

If you're looking for something a little lighter than flour substitutes, riced cauliflower is the answer. This carb-friendly pizza crust is super easy to make. All you need is cauliflower, eggs and Parmesan cheese — yes, that's it! Recipe here.

Low Carb Gluten Free Cauliflower Pizza Crust

5. Quinoa Flatbread by Moon Spoon and Yum

This vegan quinoa flatbread recipe only calls for five ingredients and is the perfect balance of chewy and crispy. This dish might require a little extra work, since you have to flip the crust halfway through baking. And don't forget to soak the quinoa for a few hours before baking to get the best results. Recipe here.

Quinoa Flatbread

6. Mini Chicken Pizza Bites by Divalicious Recipes

These low-carb pizza bites make the perfect appetizer or snack, and you can whip them up in minutes. All you need is some minced chicken, cheese and sauce to make the crust and as many toppings as you'd like. A muffin tray may come in handy for this recipe. Recipe here.

Gluten free Mini Chicken Pizza Bites

7. Crispy Grilled Crust by Fearless Dining

If it's hot outside, you can skip the oven and grill your gluten-free crust instead. The high heat from the grill makes the pizza super crispy. The first step is to proof your yeast so it stays thin, then slowly add more ingredients into the mixer. After shaping it into pizza crusts, go ahead and plop them right onto the grill and add the toppings as they cook. Recipe here.

Crispy Grilled gluten free pizza crust

8. Pizza Casserole by Low Carb Yum

If you're a deep-dish pizza lover, this recipe is for you. Layer a casserole dish with mozzarella and Parmesan, layer it with some whisked eggs and cream and add any toppings you would like. No kneading, melting or rolling required! Recipe here.

Low Carb GLuten Free Pizza Casserole

9. Zucchini Pizza Boats by Cooking Classy

Zucchini has a wonderful texture when baked just right, and its neutral flavor makes it a perfect base for a pizza. Slice the vegetables in half and top them with marinara, cheese, mushrooms, peppers, olives and any other toppings. You never have to feel guilty about this meal. Recipe here.

zucchini pizza boats

10. The Basic Crust by Meaningful Eats

This recipe works well with any gluten-free flour blend. For a vegan option, substitute sugar or agave for honey. Prebake this crust for 15 to 20 minutes before adding toppings to keep the pizza chewy in the middle and crispy on the bottom. Recipe here.

Basic Gluten free pizza crust

Tips for Making the Best Gluten-Free Pizza

If you're new to gluten-free baking or are looking for ways to improve your technique, there are a few things you need to know to create the very best gluten-free pizza, no matter what recipe you use! 

Unless you have a lot of experience in gluten-free cooking, you may not recognize some of the ingredients in these recipes. You might not even know where to buy them. As much as you might feel tempted to substitute these ingredients for other, more familiar ones, resist the urge. Instead of changing them up, take some time to research the ingredients and learn what purpose they serve in the recipe. 

Furthermore, gluten-free pizza dough tends to be a bit stickier than others, so don't be shy with the oil. Remember to pre-grease pans and brush the crust with extra oil to make sure the crust doesn't get stuck. It's also crucial to keep the crust thin, as gluten-free crusts are typically denser. If the dough is too thick, the final product will be chewy and doughy. If you prefer a thicker crust, try adding some xanthan gum. 

Finally, the crust might need more or less time in the oven than you expected. Experiment with baking times to get your preferred consistency. Try baking only the dough for a couple of minutes before adding your toppings to make things a little crispier. With some practice and a little luck, you'll be dishing out the perfect gluten-free pies in no time.