Clever Jam Jar Upcycle Ideas for Earth Day

April 22, 2017

In celebration of Earth Day we’re exploring ways to reuse some of those commonly recycled items like jam jars. We love the pretty French labels and the charming red and white checkered lids of Bonne Maman jams and preserves. They’re almost too pretty to throw away, right?

So don’t!

Here are some great ideas for reusing (or “upcycling”) those lovely lids and jars:

For the Kitchen:

Spice racks are expensive, but here's an easy and inexpensive way to organize your spices (shown above). Simply mount lids (all you need are a few small screws and a power drill) on the underside of a shelf, fill jars with your dried herbs and spices, and screw the jars on the lids. Get some craft labels to write the names of the spices and you're all set!

Mounting lids on a shelf or in a cabinet are also an excellent way to keep office items like rubber bands, staples, tacks, and such organized. Save a few more lids and jars for organizing screws, nails and other utility room or garage items.

For the Garden:

Use Jars To...
* Organize your seed packets
* Plant seeds/starts
* Give bulbs as gifts (or for yourself!)
* Keep your smaller tools tidy
* Store garden twine and labels

recycled jam jars for gardening

For Sewing and Crafts:

Jars are a super inexpensive way to keep all your bobbles neat and tidy, plus they look cute! Buttons, pins and needles, spools of thread, and other little items all fit neatly in jam jars.

Recycled jam jars for holding sewing supplies

Top a lid with a cute DIY pin cushion!

Recycled jam jars for sewing

What are some of your favorite "upcycle" ideas? We'd love to hear!