4 Scary Spider Sweets for Halloween

October 19, 2014

For better or worse, the small and usually harmless spider can strike fear in the hearts of so many.  This tiny creature can make the strongest man squeal in fright.  It's no wonder then that desserts inspired by the arachnid would crawl over your Halloween table.  You may have seen our articles for easy spider cookies and a spooky spider web cake, and these treats continue to terrify your sweet tooth.  Whether in the form of a cupcake, cookie or even brioche, these scary spider sweets are a must-make this Halloween.

Chocolate Pumpkin Spider Brioche Bread
Recipe from Chef de Home

Rich, warm and delicious, chocolate pumpkin spider brioche bread is positively dynamite for fall.  This recipe requires you to prepare to separate bread doughs, one chocolate and one pumpkin, but the good news is that you can use the no-knead method.  Once you mix the dough, allow it to rise for two hours.  After, shape and bake it.  You and the kids will have the best time pulling it apart and slathering it with butter, pumpkin butter, or Nutella.

Spider Marshmallow Pops
Recipe from Taking Care of Monkey Business

Spider marshmallow pops are a simple Halloween, sweet.  Jumbo marshmallows are dipped into black candy melts (found wherever cake decorating supplies are sold) and dusted with black sanding sugar.  Black licorice form the eight spindly legs while itty bitty candy eyes are carefully placed on the front on the marshmallow face.

Attack of Spider Cookies
Recipe from Oh My God Chocolate Desserts

When a cluster of spider cookies clutter your table, the only thing you can do to fight back the attack is to start eating them! Homemade peanut butter cookies are dotted with a large and rich chocolate hazelnut truffle.  Edible candy eyes are added to give these spider cookies character.  These are a fun and easy treat for your kids to take to school or make for a harvest festival bake sale. 

Tarantula Cupcakes
Recipe from Yummy Crumble

Tarantula cupcakes might quite possibly be the scariest dessert of them all/  Chocolate cupcakes are frosted with a vibrant purple vanilla buttercream and topped with a terrifying chocolate tarantula.  A step by step tutorial is available on the blog including another recipe for spider nest bundt cakes

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