Campfire Free Low Calorie S'mores

August 10, 2014

These low calorie s'mores cookie sandwiches allow you to enjoy your favorite outdoor dessert without the campfire. A soft store bought double chocolate  cookie is smashed with a marshmallow between two graham crackers.  One sandwich only costs you 200 calories which you can easily work off with a run around the block.  If you are craving that toasted marshmallow flavor, use a blow torch to caramelize the top of the marshmallow instead of heating it up in the microwave.  You can purchase a large blow torch at the local hardware store or a small one commonly used for creme brulee at a kitchen supplies store.  For another layer of flavor, use the cinnamon sugar graham crackers.

Low Calorie S'mores Cookie Sandwiches
Courtesy Dessertify

1 Fiber One™ 120 Calorie Double Chocolate Soft-Baked Cookie
1 Sheet Low-Fat Graham Cracker, Split
1 Large Marshmallow

1. On a heatproof dish, place your chocolate cookie on one half of your graham cracker.

2. Top it with one large marshmallow.

3. Microwave till gooey - 15 to 20 seconds - and top with the remaining half of the cracker.

4. No one will have to see your chic marshmallow mustache, we promise.