VIDEO: Gluten Free Strawberries + Cream Shortcake GFCF

November 29, 2011

Strawberries and cream are a classic combination - sweet, juicy strawberries, luscious cream and buttery shortcake are terrific trifecta of tastiness! What do you do if you're gluten free (or grain free, milk / dairy free and/or refined sugar free)? You bake up an unbeatable dessert that is everything you could hope for and more with Lillian to lead the way. Lillian (of Lillian's Test Kitchen) only bakes gluten free, grain free, milk / dairy free and added sugar free recipes -- all for the first time, on camera! This simply sinful recipe is made using a coconut buttercream, coconut flour shortbread and fresh strawberries and will surprise you with how amazingly delicious it is, and healthy too! Check out this episode of Lillian's Test Kitchen below:


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