Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

November 2, 2011

Autumn Fall Maple Leaf CookiesSugar cookies are a classic confection, destined for so much more than the month-long sprint to Christmas or life on a lollipop stick, arranged in a decorative bouquet. The ultimate masters of camouflage and disguise, sugar cookies are as much an artist's medium as a blank canvas, beckoning to be dressed up as people, places, things. Whether crunchy or soft, sugar cookies are made for celebrating - wearing icing "costumes" from ice skate and autumn leaves to mini-portraits and the Eiffel Tower! While they are a natural member of the Classic Christmas Cookie Club, sugar cookies are perfect for any occasion: birthdays, bridal & baby showers, sporting events, holidays and of course, any time just for fun! 

Here are 5 of my favorite gluten free sugar cookie recipes (and a few images for autumn inpsiration!) for your holiday baking pleasure! Stay tuned for a "Best of" cookie decorating coming this week!

Basic Cookie Dough
This super simple recipe adds just a hint of flavor to spice up this blank cookie canvas - perfect for crunchy cookies.

Soft and Chewy Sugar Cookies
For those of you who like 'em soft and smooth, this one is for you.

Simple Soft Sugar Cookies with Creamy Frosting
Remember those soft, round sugar cookies, laden with colored frosting, sold in clamshell plastic bakery cartons at supermarkets everywhere? This recipe lets you recreate those pillowy soft cookies and creamy icing at home - gluten free!

Best Rolled Sugar Cookies
It's hard to beat the Queen of Gluten Free when it comes to adapting recipes, and this recipe is no exception, beginning life in The Joy of Baking.

GFCF Sugar Cookies
Didn't think sugar cookies could be any more impressive? These babies are gluten free and milk/dairy free!

Black and White Autumn Fall Leaf Leaves Sugar Cookies



Gerry's picture

Hiiiiiii!!! I have a genetic condition called Crohns so I have to be in a diet thats gluten free and dairy free,also egg free. Would you please tell me where I can buy or how I can make gluten free dairy free decorative sugar and also how I can make decorative frostings????!!