5 Mouth Watering Poached Pear Recipes

September 24, 2011

It's that time of year again -- the leaves are turning, pumpkins are starting to crop up all over the place, the air as a certain crispness at times -- that's right folks, it's autumn. What is autumn without rich, comforting foods - like wine poached pears? Fresh fruit poached in a spiced liquid make for a simple and elegant dessert. Whether for an elegant dinner party or for a quiet evening at home, these recipes certainly will not disappoint! Here are 5 of my favorite poached pear recipes and ideas, all gluten free, and addictively delicious.

Classic Red Wine Poached Pears
Pears are cooked in red wine and aromatic spices until tender. My favorite way to serve is over mascarpone with an amaretti crumble.

Cider Poached Pears
The perfect tribute to autumn, with star anise, cinnamon and fresh apple cider.

Champagne Poached Pears
With vanilla and cardamom, served with a champagne reduction. Oh la la!

California Style Pumpkin Cheesecake with Vanilla Riesling Poached Pears
Almost all of my favorite fall flavors in one amazing dish!

Cinnamon, Vanilla & Pink Pepper Poached Pears with Dulce de Leche
Served with pistachios and dates, this sweet, salty, soft and crunchy dessert is modern Indian cuisine at its finest.

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