How To Cook Food In A Hotel

September 15, 2011

I just found the cutest video ever! Check out how Natalie Tran cooks homecooked foods in a hotel room. With my upcoming trip, I just may grab some of her ideas! 


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Krissy's picture

She is cute and funny. However, this is asking
for a lawsuit. Not to mention the poor hotel staff having to clean up a mess or grease fire damage.
I travel for a living and of course make oatmeal in a coffee mug. But bacon and eggs?
This is how fires start and people die. You're in a hotel with other people. I've been in two hotels where people cooked in their room. Hotels evacuated. One hotel had injuries and a death. If you can't afford eggs and bacon maybe you need to stay in a hostel.

Lynn Mustonen's picture

I find this too dangerous to lives, inconsiderate to the hotel cleaner and the next room guest, irresponsible act, childish act, cheap, gives bad image to her employer and herself, and only a person with no right sense and intelligence will do this (the risk+inconvenience to prepare the food versus the money she will save for her home food (bacon, egg and porridge which have more or less have generic taste).

vince's picture

I agree. I stick to instant oatmeal or instant noodles

me's picture

Will we be seeing suggestion for getting eggs and bacon past TSA next?

For the amount of time and money it would take to gather the ingredients and preparation, spend a few bucks and get a proper breakfast.

Or, as others have suggested, stick with instant or microwavable foods.

Anonymous's picture

This is disgusting. Someone might want to use that iron for its intended purpose! It would take far less time, energy, and "ingenuity" to just go out and find some food, or pack it in your bags to start with. How about I come over and cook a cheeseburger on the engine block of your car -- how would you feel about that?

Richard's picture

Why on earth doesn't this silly woman just go and talk to the hotel chef and see if he can fix something for her? Chefs love cooking in case she didn't know!
She's unbelievable stupid!! Should she be allowed out on her own?

Joel's picture

I like the instant oatmeal and everyone knows about how to make cookies on an iron. The hotel she is in looks like a Hampton Inn where they would make you something off menu.

To me this seemed a bit tongue and cheek and not to be taken too seriously. Natalie seems like a hot little number that was just having a little fun. I think the aluminum silverware was a bit of a clue...

Rob Federle's picture

Take a deep breath, people. "Dangerous", "Silly", "Disgusting"??? I think all of those who left comments above should stop buying and wearing thongs that are four sizes too small. You've all got your panties in a knot over something harmless and light-hearted. Seriously, when was the last time you all laughed at something really funny? Like yourselves?

Geo's picture

Great idea. I can't wait to try this!

Jen's picture

Sheesh! It's a joke people! Get a sense of humor. She's adorable.