5 Easy London Broil Recipes

September 3, 2011

London Broil has an interesting story -- not actually a cut of meat, as it is so often labeled, but a method of preparation. Traditionally, London Broil is prepared by grilling flank steak and  cutting into thin strips against the grain, but presently, many American butchers are labeling cuts of meat "London Broil" referring to flank steaks or top round. Here are 5 fantastic (and gluten free!) recipes for preparing London Broil - from marinating and grilling to roasting in a Dutch oven, the possibilities are seemingly endless!

London Broil with Sweet 'n Smokey Tomato Salsa
Grilled flank steak with a tasty salsa means a winning Labor Day recipe!

London Broil with Creamy Bleu Cheese and Horseradish Sauce
A classic combination of grilled meat and creamy homemade sauce.

Quick and Easy Marinated London Broil
A super simple marinade turns this inexpensive cut into a 5 star meal.

Salt & Pepper London Broil
For those of you who live and die by S&P, this one's for you.

Hot 'n Spicy London Broil
A little sweet and a lot of spice, this is one tasty steak.

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