5 Must Try Olive Recipes

September 2, 2011

Olives are easily on my list of Top 5 favorite foods - black, green, purple, marinated, in oil, brined, French, Greek, Israeli - you name it, I've probably tried it (when it comes to olives, anyway). The beauty about the web is that I can always find new recipes for my favorite ingredients - including olives of all shapes and sizes! Here are 5 of my new favorite recipes for this ancient, delicious ingredient.

Easy DIY Marinated Olives
Ever wanted to recreate those tasty marinated olives at home? Here's your chance! Dairy free + vegan.

Asparagus with Fried Kalamata Olive Salsa
A quick and easy dish that will certainly surprise and delight! Dairy free + vegan.

Creamy Feta and Olive Dip
Cream cheese feta, olives, capers and herbs make this one must-try dip/spread!

Olive Tapenade
One of my all-time favorite condiments/spreads, tapenade is a combination of olives, capers and herbs, pureed until somewhat smooth - yum! Dairy free + vegan.

Tagliatelle with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Olives
Sweet roasted tomatoes, salty olives and al dente pasta make this super simple dish an unforgettable meal. Dairy free + vegan.


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Lyn's picture

Thanks to Foodista for posting the tastiest recipes! There's a problem with one of the links, though: The "Olive Tapenade" link brings one to the "Creamy Feta and Olive Dip" page. I can't wait to try the rest! Thank you also for all the GF recipes- I can now refer my friends who have gluten issues (as I do) here.

Kelsey Ganes's picture

Thanks Lyn! I fixed the link and I'm glad you enjoy my posts! =) Happy cooking!