5 Delicious Zucchini Recipes

July 23, 2011

Zucchini is plentiful during the summer.  When you wander to the garden, the plants overflow with fruit.  Zucchini may be one of the most versatile of vegetable because it has a mild flavor and can be used in a myriad of ways.  Here are five different recipes to use up your summer bounty.

Zucchini Bread
This sweet bread is a delicious breakfast option.  I like to spread cream cheese instead of butter or jam.

Zucchini Pasta
This raw salad is comprised of strands of zucchini that resemble pasta. 

Zucchini Parmesan
Zucchini is a great alternative to eggplant.

Baked Stuffed Zucchini
This recipe is vegetarian but feel free to add ground beef or turkey.

Zucchini Buckwheat pancakes
These savory cakes can be made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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