What's Going On At Foodista

May 19, 2008

Our regular readers have gotten used to a steady stream of photos and commentary on cooking, dining, and generally all things food. However, until now we've been pretty quiet about exactly what Foodista.com will be at launch. Though I'm not quite ready to share everything we're cooking up, I thought I'd give you a taste...ok, ok, I'll stop with the food metaphors (one of the downsides of working in this space is that you find yourself and others constantly doing that)!

So what are we up to? Well, nothing short of revolutionizing the way people find, discover, contribute and share food and cooking knowledge. I know that sounds big, but so is food...everyone eats, most people cook. And yet, there is still so much fun stuff left to do by combining technology and food information. So with that goal, we moved to Seattle, started Foodista in my house in West Seattle and got cranking on solving a bunch of hard problems. Why Seattle? Here are a few of many reasons:

  1. It's a great food town with fantastic restaurants and Pike Place Market,
  2. has hordes of tech folks, at giants like Microsoft, Amazon.com and numerous startups; and
  3. is home to other leading food websites, including Orangette, AllRecipes, and Recipezaar.

So far it's going great. We're really enjoying reconnecting with old friends and the city itself. For me, it's a dream come true after 20 years at a number of large companies and 4 startups, I'm super excited to be doing my own. I especially like the bootstrap approach (an interesting local perspective on that) and everything that comes with it ... including working at home. Just to get a bit of variety, we recently we joined Giraffe Labs, a great group of entrepreneurs in a funky space down near Pioneer Square.

So keep an eye out for new developments and share your thoughts on the blog. Meanwhile, we'll be working away like Julia Child did to create her revolutionary Mastering the Art of French Cooking, I just hope it doesn't take us ten years!



Greg Bulmash's picture

Good luck! If you need a beta tester...

Dad's picture

We've caught the excitement of your endeavor and look forward to the success of this venture. Best of luck......cute pic of Sofie!!
Rich & Dreama

Mandy Evans's picture

Yeah Foodista! Yeah Barnaby and Sheri!
Sending good wishes for great success and happiness.
With love from your --

Gannon Hal's picture

Go Barnaby! I for one an an avid reader of the Foodista blog and can't wait for the full Foodista experience. Yum! Oh, and I better get an early beta invite :)

Ken Wetherell's picture

Greg, shouldn't that be beta "taster"?

Great work so far! I am stoked about the big launch. I can see from the picture that Sophie is a real task master and probably doesn't let you guys take too many breaks.

Chris & Ron's picture

Barnaby & Sheri...thanks for the provocative glimpse into Foodista...can't wait for the big lunch—oops— launch!

All our best wishes.

Auntie in Sarajevo's picture

So, what's the deal with Glide dental floss? Eating ribs??? or corn on the cob (too early for that!) at your work station???? (Photo above)Waiting for the launch. Longer email to follow on travels! Love you both, B

Penny Levy's picture

Hi Barnaby and Sheri -
Can't wait to hear more!!
All good luck and much love!
"Cousin" Penny

Robbi's picture

I'm VERY excited about this. Great concept. Let me know if we can be a part of it!

Pam Buda's picture

Thanks for the Twitter follow--glad I checked out your site. Was wondering where you were and finally found out. Foodista could easily be in Sonoma County. Can't wait for more ripe tomatoes to try the Tomato Martini. Will post and link.