Kitchen Secrets: How To Pan Sear Skinless Salmon Fillets to Perfection

June 27, 2014

In our last episode of Foodista’s Kitchen Secrets, Chef Bobby Moore from the Barking Frog showed us how to sear salmon with the skin on, getting a nice crisp skin and a perfect medium-rare temperature. In this episode, he shows us how to pan sear a skinless salmon fillet to perfection. Say no to your fish sticking to the pan and dry fillets and learn how to master pan searing fish. Watch the short video below and be sure and subscribe to Foodista's Kitchen Secrets here for more culinary tips and tricks.

Video Transcription

My name is Bobby Moore, executive chef at the Willows Lodge, Barking Frog Restaurant. [music] I'm here to show you how to sear a piece of salmon with no skin on it. We're gonna go over here into a pan. We've got some clarified butter heating up. We're just gonna season that fish, right here on the top. Gently lay that fish in to where the fish is dropping that way, so that any oil doesn't splash on you. Sear that for about a minute and a half, and then we're gonna pop that fish into a 400 degree oven, and we'll get that nice crust. There we go, into the oven. Okay, so the fish has been in there for about two to three minutes. We're going back in the oven, to flip that bad boy over. There it is. Now we're just gonna get our fish spat right over there, flip that over. See that beautiful nice golden sear? That's the crust that you're looking for at home. Now once you flip that over, we're going back into the oven for about two more minutes. You just want to be careful not to overcook your fish. I believe this beautiful, fresh salmon that we got here in the Northwest is better when it's cooked mid-rare. We're going back in here now to get that fish out. We're going to put it on a plate, and we're gonna see just how good we are. Get under there with that fish spat. Mmm! That's good. When you can still taste that salmon, taste that fish, and it doesn't all feel like it's completely cooked and dry in your mouth, that's where you want to be with salmon. Please enjoy.

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