Police Officers Allegedly Eat Pot Brownie Evidence

September 28, 2011

It's a case, if true, that's so shocking and stupid that it could rock the police force of Houston to its core. Three police officers allegedly responded to a home after receiving reports of drugs on the premises. Once inside, they found several suspects and located a tray of freshly prepared marijuana brownies. Then, they allegedly ate the brownies and finished their shifts, while sending messages to one another about how high they were. 

One officer sent the message "So HIGH...Good munchies" on his squad car's computer and another responded "[e]verything should be open when we get done." The city saves all those records, allowing the young man accused of preparing the brownies to file a complaint against the officers. 

If the officers ate the brownies and then continued to serve on duty while high, it seems like a pretty huge deal (pardon the pun). 

"If [the accusations] actually are true, then we're talking about is destruction of evidence. That's a felony. We're talking about official misconduct," defense attorney Daniel Cahill said. 

The officers continue to serve the city, pending the results of the investigation. 

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