Technique: Stir Frying


Stir frying is a term used to describe two cooking techniques done in a wok while stirring: bao and chao. The two techniques differ in how quickly the foods are heated, the amount of heat used, and the amount of tossing or stirring done to cook the food.

Prior to cooking foods are uniformly cut and place in individual sections. Foods are added to the wok according to length of time required to cook, then removed and set aside. Once all the foods are cooked they are added back to the wok for a final and quick reheating and seasoning, then served.

Mis En Place-Everything in its place, you need it to properly stir fry. You start by seasoning the wok with oil and precooking your meat heat up the pan and add oil never let the wok leave the flame! Also never let the foot sit in one place the key to a good stir fry is the quick sears as the food slides across the bottom and the hottest part of the pan. After cooking your meat with probably garlic and ginger perhaps some lemongrass, you will want to remove said meat and whipe pan COMPLETELY CLEAN. If you dont whipe completely clean you will end up with black speck's in your finish product and no one wants that. Reseason your pan and start with air o matic's your ginger your garlic your onion then add your other veggies by what will take the most time to cook carrots are first (easiest way is to just blanch them and shock them in cold water as part of your mis en place. When all of your vegetables are in throw in your meat to reheat. Then depending what your doing for a sauce typically you just move the food up the sides of the wok and start your sauce in the middle of the pan once you have it heated thicken with a slurry (corn starch and water) and mix in your protein and vegetables. Serve immedietly stir frying is about the fresh crispy vegetables if you let it sit it will lose integrety and flavor really quick


Other names: Stir Fry, Stir-Fry, Stir-Fried
Translations: Stir Cepamā, Išmaišykite Kepimui, Se amestecă Distrugerea, Promiješati prženje, Khuấy Frying, Mieszać Patelnie, Roerbakken, हलचल ख़त्म, Mexa Fritura, Движение Сковородка, Ανακατέψτε Τηγάνισμα, قلي سريع, 저어 튀김, Míchá Smažení, Промијешати Уништавање, Gumalaw Pagprito, 炒, Stir frying, Mešajte cvrtje, Mieša Vyprážanie, מערבבים טיגון, Snabbstekning, Aduk Goreng, 炒めフライパン, Remuer pour friture, Pfannenrühren, Stir Stegning, Rør Frying, Stir frying, Рух Сковорідка, Sekoita Paista, Разбъркайте пържене



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This entry starts to talk about bao and chao techniques but never explains how they are different. The text contains numerous spelling and grammatical errors. One does not "reseason" any pan in the middle of a dish! I have not visited Foodista before but from the poor quality of this article I can only conclude Foodista is a content farm seeking only ad revenue by attracting unsuspecting surfers rather than a site truly interested in providing useful information on cooking and food.