Technique: Frying


A fast cooking technique involving cooking foods in oil to lend a distinctive crispiness to food.

Proper frying occurs between 325°-375°. At this temperature, the moisture inside the food will begin to vaporize and create outwards pressure within the food.

Simple things to keep in mind:
1. Protect your food with a flour dredge, batter coating, or breading.
2. Heat the pan or pot before adding the oil.
3. Make sure the oil is hot enough before you put the target food
4. Gently drop the target food into the hot oil and allow it to rise back up to the surface.
5.. Do not crowd the pan or pot.
6. Evacuate food to a draining rig of some sort.
7. Serve immediately.


Other names: Fry, Fried
Translations: Cepšanai, Kepimui, Prajire, Prženje, Patelnie, Frituren, फ्राइंग, Fritura, Сковородка, Τηγανίσματος, القلي, 프라이팬, Smažení, Goreng, Pagprito, 油炸, Fregir, Cvrtje, Vyprážanie, Friggere, טיגון, Stekning, Пржење, フライパン, Friture, Fritteusen, Stegning, Freír, Сковорідка, Paistolevy, Пържене



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