Technique: Squeezing


Squeezing is the act of gripping and pressing something firmly. It is a technique used to test the ripeness of some fruits and vegetables like apples and tomatoes, and it is also used to extract juices.


Other names: Squeezed, Squeeze
Translations: Saspiežot, Gniaužimas, Cijeđenje, Ép, Ściskanie, Knijpen, Klemme, Espremendo, Выжимание, Στύψιμο, الضغط, 당기고, Mačkání, Цеђење, Lamuyot, 压缩, Esprémer, Stiskanje, Odšťavovanie, Spremitura, סחיטה, Klämma, Tindihan, スクイーズド, Pressant, Zusammendrücken, Klemme, Exprimir, Вижимання, Изцеждане



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