Tabasco Fatty De Anza


Ingredients: Tabasco Fatty De Anza
4 pounds pepper bacon
2 large sweet onions, chopped
10 or 12 clove of garlic, rough chopped
3 tablespoons Chipotle chili powder
3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon Liquid Smoke


Put the sausage in a large mixing bowl. Mix in the onions, garlic, Worcestershire sauce and Liquid Smoke.
Put the bowl into the fridge to let everything blend for awhile.
At least an hour)
I have found the easiest way to do this is to line a cookie sheet with freezer wrap, shiny side up, leaving enough hanging over the end to help roll up the Fatty. Press the meat down evenly onto the cookie sheet.
Then, sprinkle the Chipotle chili powder over it.
Cook 2 pounds of the bacon until it is still limp and cut it into bite size pieces. I find that kitchen shears are best for this but a sharp knife works well, too.
Cut the cheese into small pieces and lay it out so that is layered as you roll it up.
Drizzle Tabasco Chipotle sauce on top and you are ready to roll.
Using the paper start rolling up the meat, it will try to come out the ends so just pack it in tight.
Do a basket weave with the last 2 pounds of bacon and place it on a cooking grate that you can set on the grill.You can see below I used Dad’s broiler pan top because I forgot my smaller grate.
I don’t think you would be able to move this monster without tearing it.
Using a cooking grate makes it much easier to get it off the grill when you are ready. I have removed half the grates from Dad’s gas grill and placed my wood right on the heat shield with the flame almost off.
The picture is not out of focus, the grill is now working as a smoker.
Preparing Grill: Low Indirect Heat with a Cooking Grate
Preheat your grill to medium heat (250-300) and turn off one side so you will be cooking with indirect heat.
Add your wet wood to the fire. Oil the cooking grate. (You’ll want to use a cooking grate with small holes that sits on your grills large grate.)
A cooking spray is easiest for this.
Note: I use a spray bottle when cooking on the grill filled with a Worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke mix that keeps things moist and adds tons of flavors.
Mix is 3 parts Worcestershire with 1 part liquid smoke)
You want your temperature around 250-300 for around 3 hours reaching a core temp of 160.
The Fatty will be a dark red when you are done.




Tabasco Fatty De Anza
Our Santa Fe Fatty was a big hit and we took some leftovers up the mountain last time we went to see Dad.
So we thought we would gather all the stuff and see if we could put a little different twist on this one for Dad.
I have done 3 Fattys now, one “Fatty,” and one with more of a southwestern flair called “The Santa Fe Fatty”
this one being a bit spicy and to some folks tastes a bit warm. All have been very good.
You can see these on our web site @

I like to cook with a southwestern flair on most things.
Being up in the high desert I thought I would use the local wood I learned about a few weeks back, “Red shank” or “Ribbon Wood”.
It seems that it does not grow anywhere but up here.
It adds lots of good smoky flavor and colors your food a dark red.
You can substitute mesquite wood that you can buy anywhere for a similar effect.
So, this is what I came up with:
4 pounds of sausage, 4 pounds of pepper bacon, a pound of cheese and a little over a pound of sweet onions with garlic
and a bottle of Tabasco Chipotle sauce.

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 3 hours
Grill: Indirect Low Heat

Remember, that a recipe is simply an outline; it is not written in stone.
Don’t be afraid to make changes to suit your taste.
Take it and run with it….

Ken & Patti


6.0 servings


Monday, November 30, 2009 - 2:42pm

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