Liquid Smoke


Liquid smoke consists of smoke condensates that are produced through the controlled burning of wood chips or sawdust. The resulting smoke is passed through water, which captures and dissolves the smoke-flavored components in solution. This base can be condensed and modified through many methods to develop a wide range of smoke flavors.


Translations: Šķidrums Dūmu, Skystų Dūmai, Lichid de fum, Tekuća Smoke, Liquid khói, तरल धुआँ, Smoke Liquid, Жидкий дым, Υγρός καπνός, السائل الدخان, 액체 연기, Tekutý kouř, Asap Cair, Liquid Usok, 烟熏液, Líquid de fum, Tekutý dym, נוזלי עשן, Течност дима, 燻煙液, De fumée liquide, Flydende Smoke, Líquido de humo, Рідкий дим, Течни Smoke

Physical Description

Concentrated dark liquid seasoning used to create smokey flavor.

Colors: dark brown

Tasting Notes

Flavors: smokey flavor
Food complements: Grilled food
Wine complements: Red wine, White wine
Substitutes: Chipotle peppers, Smoked spanish chorizo

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Choosing: Check the expiration date of the sauce before buying. Do not buy sauce with broken seal.
Buying: You can buy Liquid Smoke at the supermarket near the Worcestershire Sauce section.

Preparation and Use

Basically this is a concentrated sauce, so apply only droplets of this sauce.

Check here for more info

Conserving and Storing

Store in cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening.


Liquid Smoke is used a lot commercially, especially in making smoked meats such as bacons. Some manufacturers offer commercial buyers the option of purchasing their liquid smoke in water, in oil-based liquids, or in powder form.

History: Liquid smoke is not a new product: witness this advertisement from 1919, which also claimed preservative properties: "Smoke Your Meat the New Way Cheaper -- Quicker -- Better. Wright's Condensed Smoke or Liquid Smoke Smokes All Kinds of Meat. Yet gives it the same delicious flavor much desired in home-smoked meat. Wright Condensed Smoke keeps the meat solid and sweet indefinitely. You can smoke your meat -- either beef or pork -- by simply applying Liquid Smoke with a brush. It imparts to the meat the same smoke flavor that is obtained when meat is smoked over a fire, in the 'old fashioned way.' It preserves [sic] the meat so that it keeps solid and sweet as the 'old fashioned way.' Its [sic] cheaper because, one dollar size bottle will smoke a barrel of meat. Its quicker, because there's no smoke house needed. Simply take time to apply with a brush. Is fine in cooking beans, cabbage, fried eggs, or anything where the flavor of smoked meat is desirable. One bottle smokes a whole barrel of meat. Price $1." -- Advertisement in The Decatur Daily Review. Decatur, Illinois. Thursday, 23 January 1919. Evening Edition. Page 8.


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