Garlicky Carrot Spread


3 medium carrots, well-scrubbed but not peeled
2 small cloves garlic
1/4 c hard cheese like Parmesan, grated
1 T red or white wine vinegar
2 t dried oregano or 2 T fresh oregano
1 t dried thyme
2 T olive oil


Chop carrots into chunks and steam in a few tablespoons of water until well done (in the microwave or on the stove). Reserve the cooking water. Place garlic and 1/3 c carrot cooking water into a blender or food processor and blend well. Add the herbs, oil, carrots, and vinegar and blend until smooth. Add more cooking water if necessary. Blend in the cheese, and serve immediately.


Inspired by my first taste of skordalia at the bar of a trendy restaurant, this has a strong garlic bite when freshly made. Try it on sandwiches (my mother uses it instead of mayo), crackers, or broiled lamb chops; with raw vegetables, or on triangles of pita bread. After 24 hours, it mellows and can be thinned with broth to make a soup instead. Garlicky Garrot Spread and more spreads can be found in One Bowl: Simple Healthy Recipes for One by Stephanie Bostic.


1-2 servings


Saturday, October 8, 2011 - 12:05pm


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