Chicken Breast


Chicken Breast is classified as the "light meat" part of the chicken, containing less fat and connective tissue. This makes the Chicken breast one of the most tender parts of the Chicken, requiring less cooking time.

Chicken Breast is well suited to both moist heat and dry heat cooking methods, which include frying, grilling, stewing and roasting. Care should be taken not to overcook Chicken Breast, as it can become tough.


Other names: breast tenders, chicken
Translations: Vistas krūtiņa, Vištos krūtinėlė, Piept de pui, Pileća prsa, Gà vú, Pierś z kurczaka, Kipfilet, चिकन ब्रेस्ट, Peito de Frango, Куриная грудинка, Κοτόπουλο Στήθος, صدور الدجاج, 닭 가슴살, Kuřecí prsíčka, Dibdib ng manok, 鸡胸肉, Pit de Pollastre, Piščančje prsi, Kuracie prsíčka, Petto di pollo, חזה עוף, Kycklingbröst, Пилеће груди, 鶏胸肉, Poitrine de poulet, Hühnerbrust, Kyllingebryst, Kyllingbryst, Pechuga de Pollo, Куряча грудинка, Kananrinta, Пилешки гърди

Physical Description

The chicken breast is usually oblong and almond shaped. Uncooked it will be a soft and fresh pink and cooked, the meat itself is a rich creamy white.

Colors: pinkish uncooked and cooked white

Tasting Notes

Flavors: umami,
Mouthfeel: Firm, Meaty, Succulent, Chewey
Food complements: Ginger, Hoisin, Bread crumbs, Bacon, All vegetables
Wine complements: Reisling, Sparkiling wine, Chenin blanc
Beverage complements: Tequila, Bourbon, Brandy
Substitutes: Pork loin, Chicken thigh


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Do you have recipe on your chicken photos Alisa. Let me know. thanks

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Do you have recipe on your chicken photos Alisa. Let me know. thanks