Almond Paste


Almond Paste is a thick, sticky, sweet paste made by blending sugar and corn or glucose syrup with blanched ground almonds. It is thicker and sweeter than Almond Butter, but not as finely ground or sweet as Marzipan.

Almond paste is primarily used to decorate desserts like Chinese Sweetheart cake and to flavor cookies, candies, cakes and other baked goods.


Translations: Mandeļu Ielīmēt, Migdolų pasta, Badem Zalijepi, Wklej migdałów, Amandelspijs, बादाम का पेस्ट, Алмонд Вставить, Αμύγδαλο Επικόλληση, اللوز لصق, 아몬드 붙여넣기, Mandlová pasta, Idikit Almond, 杏仁糊, Pasta d'ametlles, Mandľová pasta, Di pasta di mandorle, שקד הדבק, Mandelmassa, Бадем Налепи, アーモンドを貼り付けます, Pâte d'amandes, Mandelmasse, Mandelmasse, Almond Lim, Pasta de almendras, Алмонд Вставити, Mantelimassa, Бадемово тесто



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