Vermicelli (vair-mee-CHELL-lee: "little worms") are long strands of pasta between spaghetti and angel hair in thickness. Vermicelli works best with tomato, light cream-based and broth-based sauces, though is too delicate for thicker sauces. It is an excellent alternative to spaghetti, especially for those who want less pasta per bite.

Vermicelli is also popular in Asian cultures, where it is made of rice, mung bean or semolina.


Other names: Nested Spaghetti, semiya
Translations: Nūdeles, Vermišeliai, Fidea, Rezanci, Bún tàu, Wermiszel, सेंवई, Aletria, Вермишель, Φιδές, شعر الملاك, 베르 미 첼리, Bihun, 挂面, Fideus, Rezanci, Niťovky, ורמיצ 'לי, VERMICELLER, Резанци, バルミチェリ, Vermicelle, Nudeln, Fideos, Вермішель, Vermiselli, Фиде

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