The Good Ol' B.L.T. - Tomato Week Part 5

August 1, 2008

What better way to wrap up Tomato Week than with a B.L.T.? Since all the tomato recipes this week have been vegetarian or vegan, I thought I'd end with a carnivorous bang! Bacon.

Nothing goes better with tomato than bacon. Well, actually many things go well with tomato, it's just a really good excuse to eat bacon! The way I like to figure it is this: a serving each of fruit and veggie is sure to cancel out the badness of the bacon, so really, it's kinda of a healthy meal. Right? Ok, I know that's a crock, at least I tried.

The best B.L.T., in my opinion, consists of thick-sliced bacon, tender lettuce, and plump and juicy fresh-from-your-garden tomatoes - not the poor anemic ones found in big supermarkets. If you're going to do it right, you gotta do it right. I also like mine on a good artisan bread, such as ciabatta (shown), then lightly toasted just enough to shred the top of your mouth.

Thank you, tomato, for being perfect in about everything! And thank you, bacon, for...well, for being bacon.

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TastyNewEngland's picture

I had two last night. Nothing better for dinner in summer.

Melanie D's picture

Wanna know what delicious is in our language? It's "masarap". This BLT is so masarap! If only i can take it out my monitor i will and yes i agree that nothing beats tomato and put together, so yummy, so masarap.

bbrian017's picture

This looks so tasty! I don't comment on many blog but I'm a sucker for food blogs! this is a simple BLT yet the taste is outstanding! The combination of Fresh Lettuce, Tomatoes, Bacon, omg...

Sara's picture

That bread looks amazing (and I'm VERY picky about bread...)!

Madeline's picture

mmmmmm, one of my very favorite sandwiches. And yours looks fantastic! I can't even imagine how much better it would be with lettuce and tomatoes from my yard. I'm so jealous!

brilynn's picture

Bacon makes everything better and that looks like an awesome sandwich!

Kevin's picture

The BLT, so simple and yet so good!

teena's picture

I miss eating this sandwich! BLT, tastes so good!