Quick Food Photography Tricks To Make Stunning Images

March 19, 2018

Pasta with Tomatoes and Cheese

I want to share with you a video I put together that has a score of amazing food photography tricks, which you can watch in less time then it takes to make a cup of coffee!

6 Food Photography Tricks In 2 Minutes!!

For the full detailed breakdown of each trick in this video, check out this article HERE!

Creating appetizing food photos can be a tough job, especially when certain food or props don’t want to play nice. Having a few food photography tricks up your sleeve can really save the day.  What I love about shooting food is that as the photographer you have the control to be as real or unreal as you want to achieve that perfect image.   

Pancakes with syrup drizzling

These are some of my favorite food photography, styling and editing tricks that I picked up over the years. Some come from watching the professional food stylists that I’ve worked with, and some are just solutions to a few problems that I’ve faced while on set.

These are not just camera tricks either, in this video you can beef up your food styling game as well, with 3 of the 6 tricks being really helpful for food photographers who are just starting out in this genre. One of which is awesome at solving that very pesky problem of food waste. As easy as mixing a little masa harina and water together, this great trick shows you how to turn one portion into three for your image, leaving the rest of that delicious recipe for you or some other hungry patron of your studio to enjoy.

Although two of the tricks shown include the use of a little food editing magic, they are really simple Photoshop masks that any beginner can do with easy step-by-step instructions over on this article. From styling, lighting to achieving that perfect pour shot, food photography is all about bringing that YUM factor to your audience, and this video really gives you some great tools to make your food look it’s best.

Iced Coffee with Cream Swirling

About our guest contributor:

Skyler Burt works as an editorial food and travel photographer and for over 10 years has been providing award-winning imagery to some of the worlds best publications and brands. His work has appeared in Southern Living, Sunset, Saisonküche Magazine, Time Out, Forbes Traveler, and The Ritz Carlton Magazine along with many other brands and publications. He also speaks worldwide about food photography and the industry for brands such as Canon, Fujifilm and Zomato. To view his portfolio visit www.skylerburtphotography.com.

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