Decadent Oreo Skillet Brownies

May 19, 2016

Oreo skillet brownies is a decadent dessert that you have to bake.  Your favorite brownie recipe is doctored up with Oreo cookies and vanilla frosting to create a recipe you won't easily forget.  If you are in need of a brownie batter recipe or two, check out the delicious submissions on Foodista by clicking here.  I would like to try this fabulous creation using blondie batter and vanilla Oreos.  I bet the combination would be fabulous.

Decadent Oreo Skillet Brownies
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1 batch brownie batter
20 chocolate sandwich cookies like Oreos
1/2 cup vanilla frosting
1/2 cup crushed chocolate sandwich cookies like Oreos
3 scoops vanilla ice cream
Warm hot fudge, for drizzling

For full recipe instructions, watch the video below.

Note: Be advised that this video contains adult content!

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