4 Dinosaur Eats to Celebrate the Release of Jurassic World

June 10, 2015

 Humans have be obsessed with the prehistoric past since the birth of modern science.  Since the release of the fourth Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic World, dinosaurs have stepped back into the limelight.  These dino inspired treats and eats are perfect dinosaur lovers or future paleontologists.

Dinosaur Track Cookies
Recipe from Living Better Together

These dinosaur sugar cookies are a buttery, slightly sweet cookie with the slightest hint of vanilla flavor.  To make the fossilized foot print, a toy dinosaur is used.  A small detail, such as the footprint, transforms ordinary sugar cookies into something special.  

Dinosaur Bento Box
Recipe from Eats Amazing

A dinosaur cookie cutter is all you need to create this fun bento box. These long neck dinosaur sandwiches are decorated with red pepper and cucumber spikes.  They are served with dino teeth (cut cucumbers) and dino eggs (cut kiwi). 

Long Neck Dino Cake
Recipe from Betty Crocker

This long neck dino cake is a foolproof recipe that is ideal for beginning bakers.  Boxed yellow cake is trimmed to look like a long neck dinosaur before it is covered in green frosting and decorated with yellow candy.

Dinosaur Cake Pops
Recipe from Craft Foxes

Dinosaur cake pops are a great project for bakers who have a wild imagination.  Since no one really knows what dinosaurs looked like, it is left to your own interpretation.  Be playful and creative with these pops; you can even invent your own dinosaur species.

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