How to Steam an Artichoke

March 20, 2015

It is officially spring and that means it is artichoke season.  These prickly green orbs require some major preparation before cooking but it is all worth it to devour that tender and creamy center.  One of the most popular cooking methods (maybe because it is the easiest) is steaming the whole artichoke and then eating it leaf by leaf until you reach the heart.  Some prefer to dip the leaves in butter while others like a richer sauce, such as a garlic aioli.  Either option is delicious.

I have found that the best way to clean and trim an artichoke is with kitchen sheers.  I cut approximately a half inch below the thorn.  You can also do this with a knife.  The video below is a step by step presentation of how to prepare your artichokes for steaming.  Once you have mastered this recipe, you will be eating perfectly steamed artichokes all season long.

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