5 Ingredient Peppermint Fudge and Other Easy Valentine's Treats

February 14, 2015

For all those Valentine's Day procrastinators, we have got you covered with an array of easy sweets that you can put together in no time AND all with less than 5 ingredients.  Whether you need a last minute gift, something sweet to bring to a nibble on after a romantic dinner, these recipes are guaranteed to delight even the pickiest eaters.

Sea Salt Caramels
Recipe from Tablespoon

These sweet and sticky sea salt caramels are my absolute favorite candy.  You can either package these babies up to give as a gift or set them out on the table for all to enjoy.

Recipe from Pillsbury

I love baking snickerdoodle cookies from scratch but on particularly busy day, I turn to this quick and easy 5 ingredient recipe.  Instead of measuring out cups of flour, teaspoons of baking powder and baking soda, and a dash of salt, these ingredients are all included in boxed white cake mix.

Butterfinger Bark
Recipe from Nestle

Chocolate bark is a classic candy that everyone can enjoy.  Instead of traditional chocolate peppermint bark, this version tops the melted chocolate with crushed candy bars including Butterfinger, Baby Ruth and Crunch.  Feel free to add in your favorites.

Peppermint Fudge
Recipe from Host the Toast

This inexpensive and easy peppermint fudge is a festive treat that you and your special someone can nibble on throughout the night.  The dark chocolate layers sandwiched between a peppermint swirl will lure eaters to the tray.  For this recipe load up on sweetened condensed milk, semi-sweet chocolate, peppermint extract and confectioner's sugar.

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