5 Recipes to Celebrate World Nutella Day

February 5, 2015

No spread deserves their own world holiday more than Nutella.  This beloved chocolate hazelnut spread has become a staple in homes from Italy to Argentina to the United States.  Since February 5th marks World Nutella Day, it gives us an excuse to indulge in the spread.  While delicious by the spoonful, it is even better when incorporated into other desserts like cookies, cakes, and pies.  These mouthwatering Nutella recipes are a good excuse to break your diet for just a day.

Liquid Nutella Lattes
Recipe from Friday Cake Night

Chocolate, coffee, and hazelnut are a dynamite flavor combination so it is no surprise that they are amazing in this latte.  You can prepare this quick and easy drink just before heading out the door in the morning. All you need is a dollop of whipped cream to make this drink absolutely perfect.

Nutella Swirl Loaf Cake
Recipe from Taming Twins

Nutella swirl loaf cake is the kind of treat that you can have at any time of the day.  Whether you want something sweet to kick off your morning or an indulgent night cap, this dessert fits the bill.  A super moist marbled cake is not only made with Nutella but is frosted with it too.  Toasted hazelnuts are a simple garnish that add crunch and more flavor.

Salted Peanut Butter and Nutella Cookies
Recipe from Lea and Jay

Sandwich cookies are by far the best kind of cookie because they give you an excuse to eat two cookies at once and you do not even have to feel bad about it.  The salty sweet peanut butter cookie compliment the rich Nutella spread to create the perfect balance of flavors.  A tall glass of milk is a must when eating two or ten of these delicious cookies.

Nutella Breakfast Rolls
Recipe from Money Saving Sisters

These three ingredient Nutella breakfast rolls could not be any simpler.  Store bought crescent roll dough dough is slathered with Nutella before it is rolled up and baked.  They are garnished with fresh raspberries but you could use any fresh fruit you have on hand for this recipe.

Nutella Lava Cupcakes
Recipe from Cleobuttera

Nutella lava cupcakes are rich and decadent dessert that should be reserved for special occasions.  These cupcakes are a triple chocolate hazelnut threat with a Nutella center, Nutella frosting and a chocolate hazelnut truffle garnish.  If you are obsessed with Nutella, you are going to fall in love with these cupcakes.

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