Quick and Easy Chicken Weeknight Dinner

September 23, 2014

Chicken is the go to protein for many of us. It's tender, juicy, and can be cooked up fast. These quick and easy chicken weeknight dinners are perfect for those days when schedules are too full and tummies are not. Check out the buffalo chicken chicken bread and honey lime soy glazed chicken. We want our quick and easy chicken dinners to taste wonderful, be kid friendly, and if it's possible, even work for a quick lunch the next day. Honestly, with recipes like this to look forward to, it's almost as if those busy days can't come soon enough. You are welcome. 


Buffalo Chicken Pizza Bread

from Bakerstreettable

The yummiest recipes are the  ones that include warm, crusty bread and lots of cheese. This buffalo chicken pizza bread is the perfect answer for family dinner on the busiest weeknights. It's a delicious alternative to takeout. Your kids are going to love it! Why not make extra pizza breads and include them in your kids lunches? They are handy and perfect to relieve the boredom of peanut butter and jam all the time. 

Weeknight Skillet Sazon Chicken Tenders

From Skinnytaste

Nothing makes dinner faster than only needing a single skillet to make dinner. We love the one pan recipes because all the flavors just combine in a such a great way. Enjoy this tasty meal and your family will just love it! The chicken tenders are very moist and delicious, they are perfect for your littlest chefs to enjoy. 


Honey Lime Soy Glazed Chicken

From Wholesomely Homemade

Honey lime soy glaze is the perfect combination for a quick and easy chicken breast dinner. It's just minutes from stove to plate, and your family is going to love the exotic flavors.

Garlic Rosemary Stuffed Chicken Roll Ups

From Confessions of a Foodaholic

Garlic and rosemary combine with juicy chicken breast to make these kid friendly dinner one that the parents can get behind as well. If you can manage to make extra, these would also be wonderful in a lunchbox.