Celebrity Chefs Reveal Their Favorite Restaurants

May 6, 2014

Urbanspoon recently launched a new series titled Where Chefs Eat revealing chef's favorite restaurants.  You'll learn where Mario Batali likes to get a good slice of pizza or where Alton Brown prefers to order a plate of fried chicken.  These eateries are local gems that make really good, down to earth food.  Check out a snippet of the series below.

1.     Mario Batali:Restaurateur and co-host of The Chew, Mario can be found picking up a slice of his favorite pie at Joe’s Pizza or munching on fries from Pearl Oyster Bar, both located in New York City where he lives with his wife and daughter.

2.     Jose Garces:Despite being known for his Latin cuisine and cookbooks, this Iron Chef champion can’t keep his hands off of Dim Sum Garden’s soup dumplings and marinated pork in Philadelphia.

3.     Alton Brown:Small screen star Alton can’t get enough fried chicken, his favorite hailing from Down South in Lorman, Mississippi’s Old Country Store.

4.     Michael Chiarello:This northern California native recommends trying the tapas at State Bird Provisions in San Francisco; his favorite is the quail.

5.     Bobby Flay:Celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s favorite dishes hail from two places in his hometown of New York City: gelato from L’Arte de Gelato and true New York pizza from Mimi’s Pizza.

6.     Duff Goldman:Pastry chef Duff ‘s favorite sandwich comes from Ike’s Place in San Francisco, complete with Caesar, Halal chicken, marinated artichoke hearts, and provolone.

7.     Daniel Patterson:Famous California chef Daniel raves about the Thai food from Hawker Fare in San Francisco, a restaurant that was passed down from generation to generation.

8.     Todd English:Boston-based chef Todd English will make the trek from Boston to New Haven, Connecticut for the original burger from Louis’ Lunch, which is actually the origin of the modern hamburger.

9.     Ricardo Zarate:Known for his Peruvian flair, this chef frequents Park's BBQ in Los Angeles to get his fix of Korean BBQ.

10.   Michael Tusk:Owner of Michelin-rated Quince in San Francisco, Tusk loves the BBQ oysters with chorizo found at The Marshall Store.

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